The topic of capital allowances is particularly relevant in commercial conveyancing.

Unlike many HMRC reliefs, capital allowances allow tax relief to be given or denied by statutory principle, rather than by virtue of accounting standard.

The laws governing capital allowances are subject to frequent change. Major changes to legislation in 2012 and 2014 have affected the way in which the allowances are treated during every transaction involving commercial property.

Some of the capital allowances rules are complex but failure to comply will often lead to losses for the client. By having an idea of the issues involved and knowing what questions to ask, you can often save your clients significant amounts of money.

The cost of overlooking this aspect can be considerable – to both Vendor and Buyer.

CPA delivers training to commercial solicitors and conveyancers to help them understand the impact of recent legislative changes as well as provide practical solutions on how to address different scenarios. Using our innovative online portal, cPad, we ensure that you maintain compliance as well as deliver a best-in-class commercial conveyancing service to their clients.



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